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Projected Games Enhance the Axe Throwing Experience!

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Last Updated: December 4, 2023

Projected axe targets offer an exciting evolution of the traditional sport, making axe throwing more enjoyable, safe, and accessible. By blending technology with the physical skill of axe throwing, these systems open up new horizons for the sport, making it a must-try activity for enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner looking for a unique recreational experience, projected axe targets are a great enhancement that can take your axe throwing adventure to the next level.

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Standard Targets:
Variations: Rotating Targets, Kill Shots, 5 or 10 Frames
Up to 6 players or teams

Our take on standard axe throwing Starting with the first player listed, players throw while aiming for the bullseye. An axe stick scores the highest point option it touches. Clicking the mouse on the target where the axe is scores the frame. Players rotate through until completing the game and the highest score wins.

Zombie Assassin:
Variations: 5 or 10 Frames, Easy or Hard
Up to 6 players or teams When choosing Hard, each zombie head is approximately 5 inches in diameter. When choosing Easy, the heads are 75% larger and will overlap each other making them easier to hit. An axe contacting any part of the zombie head, or the white border counts as a hit. Click the Zombie that is hit and he will expand and fade, and give that thrower 1 point. Do not hit the Smiley Emoji Face as that will count as a negative point. Each player has the same random assortment of Zombies and tries to clear as many as possible in the allotted frames. Highest score wins.

Duck Hunter:
Variations: 5 or 10 Frames, Easy or Hard

Up to 6 players or teams Easy means the ducks are larger and easier to hit. Each player gets the same assortment of ducks, and tries to hit as many as possible, scoring 1 point each, while avoiding the Rubber Ducky that is a negative point if hit. High score wins.

Tic Tac Toe:
2 players (or teams)

This game will default to the first 2 names chosen for teams or players. Players take turns throwing at the Tic Tac Toe board. Click where the axe hits to score your X or O. Hitting an opposing mark will erase it leaving it open for the next player to hit.

Options: Choose to not erase your own hits. Choose to have axe fully in the square and not touching a line to count (for better throwers).

Line Up 4:
2 players (or teams)

Goal is to get 4 of your color in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. A hit anywhere in the playing area counts, and by clicking where the axe hits, a token of the appropriate color will fall in that column.

Merry Axe-Mas:
Variations: 5 or 10 Frames
Up to 6 players or teams

Aim for the different objects, each with their own point value. Each player gets the same assortment to throw at. The presents at the bottom are negative points and are to be avoided. Highest score wins.

Date Night:
Variations: 5 or 10 Frames
Up to 6 players or teams

Aim for the different objects, each with their own point value. Each player gets the same assortment to throw at. Don’t hit the cupids as they are negative points. High score wins.

21 or Bust:
Up to 6 players or teams

Cards are dealt face down. Each player throws hitting a card which then flips over and the player gets that card. The card does however remain on the board, but is smaller. When then next player throws, if they hit a “taken” card, they will steal it from the other player who had it. After each player has had one throw, all the cards will flip over so players can see what cards they want to hit. The goal is to get exactly 21. If you go over 21, you bust and go back to 0. There is no “holding” at a score below 21, each player throws for each turn and the first player to get 21 wins.

Variations: Scored or Unscored
Up to 6 players or teams

A dart board classic game. Each player gets 3 throws. The numbers in play are 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and the bullseye. The gold is to “close” each number. A number is closed when a player hits it the equivalent of 3 times. The outer ring of the dart board counts X2 and the middle ring counts as X3, so as an example, a hit to the single 20 will score a “/” a hit to the double ring on the 20 will score an “X” and a triple will score a circled X. Unscored goal is to close each of the numbers and the bullseye. The bullseye inner circle counts as 2, the outer circle as 1. The first person to close all the numbers wins. For Scored play, after a player closes any number, another hit to that number gives them the appropriate number of points. For example, if your first throw you hit the double 20, it will score an X in the 20 column. Your next throw you hit the double 20 again, that will close the 20 column and give you 20 points. The next throw you hit the triple 20, that will give you 60 more points for a total of 80. You can score on any number you have closed until all the other players have closed that number. If playing with multiple players, they can each score on it until the last person closes it. The highest score when all numbers are closed is the winner.

Bottle Axes:
Up to 6 players or teams

Players take turns throwing at the wall of buttons with different types of bottles or glasses on them. When you hit one, it will explode, along with any that are the same color horizontally or vertically touching it. If that color is alone, it will score one point. If there are two together touching, they both explode for 2 points. Five all touching, 5 points, etc. Highest number of points at the end of the game wins.