Driftwood Axe House

Axe Throwing Policies

Safety First!

At Driftwood Axe House, we’ve invested in the latest axe throwing technology to maximize your safety and enjoyment of the axe throwing experience. It is absolutely crucial to adhere strictly to all safety regulations at all times. 

Our Policies

Driftwood Axe House, LLC requires all employees and customers to adhere to the following Lane rules and safety instructions. Driftwood Axe House, LLC reserves the right to set Lane capacity from time to time as it deems fit and as safety dictates. During open throwing, the Lane capacity may be different than it is during leagues, tournaments or other competitions.


  • Customers must have on clean and dry clothes. No wet clothes allowed.
  • Customers must wear closed-toe shoes and a shirt while in the Driftwood Axe House, LLC facility.
  • Customers may NOT be intoxicated while in the Driftwood Axe House, LLC facility.
  • Customers must follow all rules. Rules are established for Customers’ safety and the safety of spectators, visitors, employees and others in the Driftwood Axe House, LLC facility. Failure to follow the rules may cause immediate ejection from the Driftwood Axe House, LLC facility and forfeiture of all payments and fees paid to Driftwood Axe House, LLC.
  • Driftwood Axe House, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any person who does not follow the rules or has, by experience, demonstrated reluctance or failure to follow the rules.
  • Customers may bring food and beverage, purchased on premises, including alcoholic beverages, into the Driftwood Axe House, LLC facility provided the food or beverage does not impair the Customers’ ability to follow the rules and, provided further, Customers must follow all laws related to alcoholic beverages.
  • Driftwood Axe House, LLC reserves the right to deny or withdraw service to Customers who do not follow the rules.
  • Customers must always be in control of themselves.
  • Spectators may not throw or handle axes at any time.
  • Axes may not be removed from the assigned throwing lane and only one axe is permitted per lane.
  • When handling an axe, you must be aware of your surroundings and handle the axe in a safe manner. No swinging the axe, no gesturing with the axe and absolutely no flipping of the axe.
  • Only one thrower may enter the throwing lane at a time.
  • All guests must keep their hands, fingers and other body parts off of the throwing lane partition fencing.
  • Driftwood Axe House, LLC reserves the right to modify, edit and add additional rules as necessary, written or oral, to provide a safe setting in which to enjoy Driftwood Axe House, LLC’s uniquely fun experience.

The best in Austin, Texas!

why Driftwood Axe House?

Here at Driftwood Axe House in Driftwood, Texas, we promise you that we’ll show you an unforgettable time. We’ll help you host birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, team building events, company events, celebrate other special occasions, or just get together with family and friends for some fun!

Whatever the reason, you and your guests will be safe while having fun. Our facility and equipment are kept clean and sanitized.  Our staff is friendly, professional,and highly trained.

We are conveniently located near Austin, Texas and are just a short drive from many wedding venues and lodging options. We also serve Dripping Springs, Wimberley, Kyle, Buda, Hays, and the surrounding Hill Country area!

Our goal is to leave every customer satisfied and ecstatic about our services. Throw in the Driftwood Dugout Sports Bar next door (with a convenient connecting door to the Axe House) and you’ve got everything you need for a great time Axe Throwing! 

Logo for Driftwood Dugout Sports Bar, near Dripping Springs, TX
Driftwood Dugout Sports Bar and Axe Throwing near Austin, Texas

Not just axes

The Driftwood Dugout Sports Bar is connected to the Axe House! The Dugout is a full-service bar making us the best place to have fun for your next special event!